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  14 years ago

Santee Court wrote:

Little Space and "OMG a 10G Make over from Dwell!"

It's spaces like that that really inspire me. I lived in one of our smaller units at Santee Court since day one. People always remarked how big the space felt. @ 690 square feet I eventually felt the need for a little more leg room. Now that we've moved into a space twice the size I'm back to marveling at little places. 

I think about Bjork in Venus as a boy. I can imagine that if that were her little Icelandic hús we might have seen an entry, fire place, and a room to the side. I don't know... Maybe I just imagine everyone living in little spaces once we leave the American Dream. My friend Cristele for instance toured one of the units at the Rowan, some 541 sq. ft. and she was full of ideas about how to make it into the most perfect loft. She's from Paris, I guess I get my impressions from somewhere. 


Anyway, I was looking for alternative sites, magazines, and news sources to find other information on Loft Living. I like the downtown news but I need to come up for some air regularly. It feels like the publication wants to make a "Walton's" episode out of downtown, and downtown is far far away from John Boy's bedroom. Blah. Blah. Blah. It's not a slight, just an observation, I need a publication with some style, and ingenuity. 

SO. I found this vignette on DWELL, Mind the Gap. It's a photo slide show of a house built into the sliver of a space between two other homes in London. You know the type, tall, slim and deep. That's how we like them. :)

Talk about ingenuity, On an eight-foot-wide site in London, architect Luke Tozer cleverly squeezed in a four-story home equipped with rain-water-harvesting and geothermal systems.

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Now for the make over...

Room for Improvement

May 25-July 18, 2010

Room & Board and have joined forces to fix your living room woes.

When you look around your living room, what do you see? Saggy sofas? Cacophonies of clutter? Dearth of light and laughter? Don't be embarrassed—anyone who says that they wouldn't want to revamp their quarters into a modern wonderland is a lying liar. But never fear! Whatever the problem, it's nothing that $10,000 worth of Room & Board furnishings, fabrics and finishes won't fix. All we ask is that you snap a couple shots of yourself inside your abode, and describe just why it is that your pad needs a modern reboot. Not only will one grand prize winner get a boatload of loot, they'll also receive a visit from a Room & Board Visual Specialist, who will give expert advice on how to make the most of their space, one piece of fabulous furniture at a time.

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You're CRRRRAAAZAAAY not to enter. 



PS: I get nothing for posting about DWELL except a Francis Farmer type of CLEAN-satisfaction at their thoroughly modern and inventive expose of talent. :)