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  14 years ago

Santee Court wrote:

'Tis the Season

It is that time of year again. For those of you spending your first winter here at Santee Court, we work with an outreach program each year to sponsor families transitioning from homelessness. This year we are working with "Issues and Solutions" which is a local organization that focuses primarily on issues concerning the Skid Row area, our neighbors. We are asking for donations of food, essentials, clothing and toys.

I can't even begin to tell you what a difference something like this makes in the lives of these families. It is real joy for a Holiday that these children would probably not have. It is significant for the parents who often do all they can and more to make their lives happy, healthy, and good, and this generosity makes the month of December special, memorable, and warm.

We have assigned each building two families.

Brownstein Louis Building (722):
9 year old girl: Shoe size 2 girls Shirt Size Medium Pants Size 8 Girls
12 year old girl: Shoe size 8 women’s Shirt Size woman’s large Pant size 8 women’s
2 year old boy: Shoe size 22 ½ boys Shirt Size 4T Pant Size 4T

Connell Building (714):
5 year old boy: Shoe Size 12 ½ boys Shirt Size 7T Pant Size 7T
6 month old girl: Shoe Size 2 Clothes 6-9 months
12 year old girl: Shoe Size 8 women’s Shirt Size Woman’s X-Large Pant Size 9/10

Bailey Hat Building:
7 year old boy Shoe Size 3 boys Shirt Size Large Boys Pant Size 12 boys
6 year old girl Shoe Size 3 girls Shirt Size 10/12 Girls Pant Size 10/12 girls

For us it is a way to give to the community in a small way when things tend to be the hardest. This year promises to be even more difficult than most and we aim to bring a little cheer to our neighbors of the Skid Row Community who are struggling to stay off the streets.

Dig in deep. Give what you can. Give from the heart.

Santee Court / Scott